Loss & Bereavement

When a loved one dies it can turn your world upside down.

It can change who you are and your life. Grief and the way you grieve is as unique as a fingerprint. Regardless of what the books and leaflets say, your pain may not follow the guidelines. If you are still grieving after two years and it feels worse now than it did at the time, you are not alone.

Do you recognise any of these feelings?

  • I can’t see the point of going on without that person
  • I spend hours going through photos and visiting the grave just to feel close to them
  • If I do have a good day, I don’t feel I deserve it, so I watch television, or listen to music, that will make me feel sad
  • I drink to drown out the pain

If you do, then Bereavement Counselling can help you work through what you are experiencing.

The work we will do is focused on living with the huge changes in your life now your loved one isn’t with you.